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Thomas Garrison Smith III

Thomas Garrison Smith III Jan 25th, 1958 – Dec 29th, 2019

“Thomas Garrison Smith III, fisherman, craftsman, builder, and self-proclaimed chef passed peacefully on December 29, 2019. Tom was born on January 25th, 1958 in Glendale, California

Anyone else battling end stage liver disease would pass quietly, when their loved ones knew it was the right time. But not Tom, he of course a lifelong control-freak waited until his entire family was present before taking his final breath. Leave it to Tom to go out on his own terms.

The way he died is just like he lived: he wrote his own rules, he fought authority and he paved his own way. And if you said he couldn’t do it; he would make sure he could.

Tom was given a full ride scholarship to play water polo at a University in California, but instead of having a full paid life as a water polo star, he knew exactly what he wanted, to be a contractor.

He shaped a career producing a legacy in the construction business at a ripe age of 25 with determination, an intelligent impish smile, and the love for building homes, not houses.

He was a rare combination of someone who had a love of life and a firm understanding of what was important — the simplicity of living a life with those you love.

Tom’s other love, besides crafting one-of-a-kind homes, was the outdoors. He often said the mountains would heal anything. His perfectionist personality would always build the perfect fire with little wind flow and just enough oxygen to keep it furious, & at the same time he would cook a five-star feast on a rock that consisted of filleted fish, lemon zest, and spices.

Although he would primarily occupy his mind with how to design the perfect fireplace, or where the best fishing holes were, what he loved most was to spend his time with his family.

Tom is survived in legacy with his two children, Alise Smith and Bo Smith. He also took extreme pride in his grandchildren, Ryett, Kasyn, Kambria, and Kaleb

Of all the people he touched, both willing and unwilling, his most proud achievement in life was marrying his wife Cindy Carol Smith who supported him in all his glory during his heyday, and lovingly supported him physically during their last days together.

A “Celebration of Life” will be held at St. Galls Catholic Church in Gardnerville, Nevada. Sat Jan 11th @ 10am. Service date and time will be provided in the “Go Fund Me” account for Tom Smith. Please visit -for-tom-smith”