Remembering Eric Holton |

Remembering Eric Holton

It has been two years ago today when we lost our beloved Eric. For all of you who knew Eric, you’d understand what a loving, funny, kind and generous person he was and how he’d make you laugh for days and days. Eric made you feel comforted in the most awkward of circumstances; he loved his friends and his family, and was always there for anyone in need. Eric loved his music, he spent a great amount of time working on his jeep, his truck and being outdoors camping and living life to its fullest. Even when life constantly handed him some tough cards, he’d still keep a straight face and an open heart, always. Eric worked for Meeks Lumber for several years. He was one of the favorites on the staff, and one of the best drivers on forklift. On a special occasion, he was challenged to pick up a quarter with the tips of a forklift, and he did it with great skill and a smile, and then he’d go back to work.

Later on, Eric enrolled himself in truck driving school in California, and began working for Conway Freight. He drove cross-country for three years. While he was on the road, Eric also took online courses to become a Medical Computer Technician. He finished with Bachelors degree in Computer Science. One year before his passing, Eric took on a career driving freight for Doss Trucking Company based out of Reno. He loved the company, and all of his fellow truckers, which came to be a second family to him. On April 23rd, 2012 Eric drove his freightliner down Mount Rose Hwy when his brakes went out. He avoided hitting four people that day, and landed his rig perfectly onto the truck ramp at the bottom of Hwy 431. His load of decking material kept on coming and ended his life instantly. For many of us, the grief that has taken over for such a loss has been insurmountable. So many people loved Eric, and it is often questionable why such a remarkable individual would ever be taken from this world. What we do know is that Eric was one of the kindest and most incredible beings who have walked this earth, and there must be a bigger and better job for him to do somewhere else. Eric is a true hero in this life, and someone I will always look up to. He never harmed anybody, he always had your back and was so generous with everything he had and only wanted to do right by anyone he met. He had such a great style, and coolness about him, and would make you laugh at a drop of a hat. Eric, we are so proud to have known you and to have had you in our lives. We’ll see you soon.

With the Greatest of Love,

Your Family and Friends

P.S. After Eric’s passing, we found out that Eric had passed his Triple Endorsement Test, which allowed him to pull triple trailers as well as hauling hazardous materials and tanker products. Very few truck drivers have these skills and have qualified for these special licenses, and he was one of them.


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