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John H. McCormack

April 27, 1922 – February 22, 2016

John H. McCormack was born in Texas to John and Ida McCormack. His father was a career officer in the Army and his mother emigrated from Finland. As a teen, he was a Ham radio operator and liked to see how things worked. So when he was drafted for World War II (European front) he went into the Army as a staff sergeant and was assigned to the Signal Corps. Prior to the war he worked as a telegraph operator and after as a Station Master for the Southern Pacific Railroad Co. in Arizona. While in Arizona he met and married Maxine McClain. Their family expanded to include their two children, Janet and James. In 1954 the family moved to Southern California. Except for a year living in the Florida panhandle, the family lived in California for 40 years.

While living in Southern California, John became an electronics engineer working for Douglas Aircraft Co. and various electronics and security manufacturing companies. He worked on missile bases through the United States. And, he also helped design the original “Black Box” used in aircraft and special security entrance doors. Later he became a self-employed water proofing contractor. He retired in 1993 and moved along with his wife and daughter to Minden.

During his retirement years he volunteered at the Computer Corps and with RSVP’s Respite Care program in Carson City. Electronics and computers were his passions. He enjoyed helping others with their computer problems. As a side line he made business cards and advertising materials for various companies in the area.

After his wife of 66 years, passed away in March 2012; and living in Minden for 21 years, he and his daughter decided to downsize and move to Reno.

John was a very intelligent man, a jack of all trades kind of guy. With his daughter’s designs he built various wooden craft projects, large and small. In the 1980s using kits, he built digital clocks, temperature gauges and even a TV. When LED lights came out he made address signs and seasonal light décor items. He enjoyed meeting people and helping others. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends.


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