Francis G. Linehan “Uncle Frank” |

Francis G. Linehan “Uncle Frank”

Sep. 22, 1931 – Aug. 4, 2015

Francis (Frank) G Linehan, 83, passed away unexpectedly on August 4, 2015. Frank was born September 22, 1931 in Chicopee, MA. Frank was in the USMC Reserves when he and his only brother Patrick were called to active duty during the Korean War and served from 1950 to 1952 in the 2nd Marine Corp Division. Frank was a fire arms expert and served in Special Operations type units on several Navy ships including the Aircraft Carrier Oriskany. Frank came from a very patriotic family and he had 7 uncles who served in WWII and their family received a special accommodation letter from President Roosevelt. After the Korean War, Frank ran several small businesses including fast food trucks in major cities and he proudly introduced one of the first ever “Buffalo Burgers” that was a big hit. Frank lived in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New Orleans (during Katrina), and moved to Gardnerville in 2007 to be near his brother’s family. Frank could frequently be seen riding his big tricycle around Gardnerville and the Ranchos. Frank’s goal in conversations with others was to make them laugh and he was very quick witted. Frank was single his entire life and had no children. Relatives still reside in the Gardnerville area. Frank’s remains interned in the Northern Nevada Veteran’s Memorial cemetery in Fernley, NV. A memorial service will be held on August 20th, 11:00am in Fernley, NV.


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