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Donald G. Boos

Donald G. Boos passed away surrounded by his family and friends on March 24, 2019, shortly after celebrating his 80th birthday.

An accomplished landscape architect, Donald was relentlessly dedicated to his work, and the value it could bring to his clients’ lives; he had an almost childlike exuberance, going so far as to hand pick every detail, down to each boulder and tree. He was a visionary whose work was bold, dynamic and beautiful. His plans were highly detailed and artistically hand drawn, often on the spot. Donald’s work emulated that of Frank Lloyd Wright, making him highly sought after by the upper crust of the Silicon Valley. His designs were unique and timeless, with his master pieces still being enjoyed today in many golf courses,
wineries, and race tracks.

Donald was a proud and knowledgeable wine connoisseur, and he loved to share the experience of high quality food and wine with those closest to him, frequently throwing elaborate, fully catered patio parties. In his spare time, he was a photographer, fisherman, outdoors man, artist, lover, and world traveler, somewhat, always reaching
for the unreachable.

Donald was preceded in death by his wife, Roselle, and is survived by his daughters, Jeanne,
Stephanie and Jennifer.