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Christopher Allen Puckett

August 28, 1960 ~ September 28, 2017

Christopher Allen Puckett of Wellington, NV, age 57, passed away September 28th, 2017. Chris was a husband, father, and grandfather.

A perfect, beautiful, blonde haired, blue eyed, baby was born in Bell Flower, CA to Richard and Kathryn Puckett on August 28th 1960. Christopher was a graduate of Yucca Valley high school and has a degree in nursing. He served in the United States Navy for a tour of 4 years.

He is preceded in deathby his father and mother

Chris is survived by his legal wife Kim Hollar and three children Robert and Arleen Bryant, Richard Puckett, and Patty and John Puckett-Hollar and two sisters Liz Cornell and Sally Owens.

Chris was known for his hysterical and charismatic personality. He had a broad range of talents and skills, from playing the piano and guitar, to contractor skills. His favorite song was “Stairway to Heaven.”

In lieu of flowers, please consider the needs of the family. All donations may be sent to


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