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Callie 2005 – May 21, 2020

I first met Kumquat/Callie online while reading about the Gabbs Dogs (The Record Courier, Feb. 28, 2008). Dama Wirries, who did her best to care for those that others didn’t want, had died suddenly. Damas’ niece, Linda, contacted many rescue organizations who then descended onto the ranch and rounded up approximately 145 dogs. Kumquat/Callie went to Camp Reno where she got her physical exam. Kris Brown knew I had been following Kumquat/Callie online. She let me know Kumquat/Callie had gone to the Truckee animal shelter, that she had a potential adopter, who had already changed her name to Callie, but needed further socialization first. Would I be willing to work with Kumquat/Callie? YES!

When my daughter and I arrived at the Truckee animal shelter, they told us Kumquat/Callie had escaped inside the shelter. It took them an hour and a half to catch her!

Callie never lost her coyote survival skills or trot. They would come in handy later on. Her adopter changed her mind, so Callie lived with us on 6th Street in Minden in an outside kennel and in the house. When we moved to the Ranchos, she had almost an acre of yard and a bed next to mine. Some of you will remember she was in that yard when she was frightened by fireworks, July 2011, and ran away. I walked the area with a ziplock bag of turkey to tempt her, calling her name and passing out lost dog flyers. Thank you to each person who accepted one. Because after 16 months she was seen near Carson Valley Golf Course. Janet and Liz, from our local shelter, trapped her and brought her home, an exciting story in itself(The Record Courier, Nov. 13, 2012)! Life was calm after that – road trips with the family, outside daytime with other dogs, horses and cats, and safe sleep in her bed next to mine.

Then in November 2019 Callie became unable to walk. For 6 months, we carried her wherever we went, fixed her special meals (she loved blueberry pancakes), changed her bedding and gave her baths. She always co-operated and was never cross. Callie was beautiful from the inside out. But by May, she and I were worn out. Her eyes became sad. She was frustrated with her dependence. It was time.

Thank you to Dr. Burns and her staff at Animal Medical Services for their gentle caring.

Thank you to A Beloved Friends Pet Crematory in Sparks for their compassion.

Callie was the gentlest spirit I’ve ever met. She was loved and will be missed by many.