Dianne Patricia Hawhee

May 10, 1961 - July 2, 2023

Dianne Patricia Hawhee passed away July 2, 2023, Mother of seven, Taylor Brandon, Teddy Noel, Nicholas Tremel, Temi Bennett, Sawyer Hawhee, Earl Hawhee, and Ashley Palmer and grandmother to sixteen.

Dianne was a gifted drum maker, artist, and gardener. She was the beloved and devoted wife of William Hawhee for 26 years. Born May 10, 1961.

Dianne leaves behind her parents Patty Clark, Minden, NV and Ralph Maxwell, Houston, TX
as well as her sisters Jenny Clark Villalobos and Kristian Hall, stepsister Jamie Clark, and sister by informal adoption Cyndee Joncas.

Anyone who was fortunate enough to have Dianne in their life knows that she was someone who embodied love, understanding, and kindness in their purest forms, free of judgement. Everyone who crossed paths with her immediately felt safe in her presence. Dianne always
believed in and rooted for the underdog. She would be the first to support you and would never give up on you. She often gave sincere compliments to strangers and befriended many a grocery store clerk, local farmer, barista, and anyone else she might see in passing
throughout the day. One could say Dianne was most known for her sage advice, wisdom, and quick wit which will truly be missed amongst her family and friends who often benefited from her insights.

If Dianne could have asked anything of us before she passed it probably would have been this: 1 ) Always treat every person and living thing with respect, patience, and dignity, 2) practice gratitude every day, 3) find joy in the simple things in life like the green of the grass, a special stone, the comfort of a beloved pet, and the first sip of coffee in the morning, and 4) always question authority.

If you feel called to honor the memory of Dianne Hawhee, please consider supporting your local farmer/grower, tip your server a bit extra, perform a random act of kindness or smile at a stranger.