Nancy Elizabeth Gaines

Nancy Elizabeth Gaines was born on October 22nd, 1919, to Walter and Nancy Gaines in Alabama.

Shortly after Nancy entered the world, her family relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio where she was raised. Growing up in Cincinnati, Nancy loved the outdoors. She spent most of her childhood alongside her four siblings, hiking, swimming, and “rough housing” with the boys. Though she may sound like a tom boy, Nancy still enjoyed playing dress up and loved playing with dolls. After High school, Nancy decided she wanted to attend nursing school and give back to her community, in which she graduated in 1943.

Nancy enjoyed many hobbies in her adult years. She was very artistic and had many creative endeavors. She loved to paint, carve wood, knit, and was the “Master Basket Weaver.” She even taught basket weaving classes in Santa Barbara, where she retired. Nancy also loved to collect antique dolls. She belonged to the Santa Barbara Doll Club for many years. If Nancy wasn’t weaving baskets or painting, you could find her in her beautiful garden. She was a talented gardener.

Some would say she had and incredible “Green Thumb.” She loved to take care of her rose bushes and citrus trees. Nancy loved to travel. Her adventures took her too many different places such as British Colombia, Death Valley, Alaska, Etc.

On December 13th, 2013, she finally decided to say, “I do,” after 90 incredible years of life, to her one and only love Glen, in Yerington, Nevada. Together, they shared many laughs and incredible memories together. After 102 full and happy years of life, she leaves behind her loving husband Glen, and a countless number of friends, who will miss her dearly.