Youths treated to a Christmas shopping spree |

Youths treated to a Christmas shopping spree

by Cheri Warrell

Can I really get anything I want? How much money do I have left? I need to get something for my mother. No wait, I’ll get something for my sister. Should I get a snowsuit or this laser gun?

For two wonderful hours, 26 kids from Douglas County had the “difficult” task of spending $100 on anything they chose to buy, not only for themselves, but for others.

Mervyn’s and Wal-Mart in Carson City opened their doors to help make this holiday season a little brighter for children from Reno, Kings Beach, Carson City and Douglas County. Over $10,000 was donated by Western Nevada Supply for this special shopping spree on Dec. 5.

The Boys and Girls Club in Carson City coordinated the event with the help of the Family Support Council in Douglas County. Children were paired with adult chaperones who helped keep track of the purchases and the children themselves.

n Breakfast at McDonald’s. After a breakfast donated by McDonald’s in Carson City, the children had one hour to spend $50 at Mervyn’s. After a short walk to Wal-Mart, they had another hour to spend $50 on anything there.

The morning started out sleepily at Family Support Council at 6:30 a.m. Karen Edwards, Cary Jackson, Martie Graham-Jones and Cheri Warrell, from the agency, accompanied this young bunch shopping. Family Support provided transportation through the Douglas County Parks and Recreation Department.

The ride up was very quiet with plenty of yawns and half-opened eyes.

Three hours later the ride home was noisy and animated as everyone discussed the treasures they had found for themselves.

Giving is contagious. The generosity of Western Nevada Supply and the volunteers who helped on this brisk Saturday morning spread a little holiday cheer to a few families in Douglas County.

Cheri Warrell is a counselor for the Family Support Council.

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