Youths start Key Club at DHS |

Youths start Key Club at DHS

Staff reports

A new youth group aimed at community service and improving relations with adults will become a reality. The organization will receive its charter at a dinner at Sharkey’s Casino tomorrow, Feb. 17. It is the Key Club – and already it has 35 members.

Allan Gosselin, Douglas High School faculty member and club advisor, said the purpose of the club is to provide “service to the community and bridge the gap between young people and adults.”

The Gardneville/Carson Valley Kiwanis is sponsoring the Key Club. There are Key Clubs throughout the United States and in a number of other countries.

The club gives students who aren’t too involved or nor involved at all in other activities and clubs at the school an option. Gosselin says the reaction to the organization indicates that it will fill a need. There has been a continuing flow of prospective members showing an interest in joining.

John Amundson, chair of the Kiwanis Key Club steering committee, says he has been surprised by the response.

“It has been fantastic,” he said.

A cadre of officers is leading the club. It includes Christi Burruel, president; Sarah Shearer, vice president; Kaitlyn Doyle, secretary; and Kim Gitthens, treasurer. These young people are the founding officers and a new slate of officers will be elected later in the spring.

Members have been busy working on the necessities of a new organization, such as building a treasury. They’ve done this by such things as selling candy at school. In addition, they helped with the “Stars of Tomorrow” talent show, and they are planning a “Total K-Day” later this month. They have helped with highway litter cleanup and plan similar community-betterment activities.

Recently eight members went to a Kiwanis district meeting of Key Clubbers. It was the largest delegation of any club in the district.

In addition to Amundson, Kiwanis members serving on the steering committee include Sylvia Arnett, Steve Lewis, Ann Delahay, Ron Bankofier and Rob Fellows.