Young man finds an ‘I’ in team |

Young man finds an ‘I’ in team

This story is about a boy who grew up without acknowledgment from those around him. He grew up wondering if what he did mattered. The only feedback he got was when he was told what he had done wrong or that he should do better. This young man grew up eager to show his worth.

As the years passed he began to work hard, gain recognition and achieve his goals. His past had given him a great hunger for redemption and more importantly to be seen for whom he was and what he has done. Over the years he began to surround himself with healthy individuals who not only saw him for who he was but also taught him a thing or two about life and success. His curiosity and determination became his driving force.

One day he realized he was in a position to lead. All his hard work had finally paid off. He was a leader with many followers. He began to press on, surging forward with gumption and a power he had never experienced before. He felt grateful for finally being supported for his true self. He surged on making changes, creating new avenues of travel for those behind and breaking barriers of others before him. He felt he had finally arrived.

After several years he became curious of what else there might be in this life. He began to slow and when he did he realized there weren’t any followers behind him. Looking behind he asked, “Where is everyone, why don’t they follow”? An answer came, “They grew weary of the pace and began to help one another but the others soon grew tired too”. The leader pondered this reply. As he did he saw in the distance those who had fallen behind gathered together in what appeared to be laughter and glee. Being the intelligent man he was he knew in that instant, a leader makes you only as strong as your last man. He set his course for the group and as he approached he told himself, “Strength comes from how big your heart is and not the path you forge”.

Bridgette DeBoer M.A., is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, marriage and family therapist. She can be reached at 450-6632.