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Staff Reports

Each child in the three 2nd-3rd grade multi-age group classes at Scarselli Elementary School read their share of 6,000 books in time for the end of the millennium and before Christmas break.

Each student read 100 books since the beginning of August, or 25 books per month with the help of their parents, say the three teachers, Brenda Downs, Debra McNeill and Debora Eve. As a result, each class read 2,000 books, making them “Y2K compliant.”

“We are hoping this project will get the kids excited about the new millennium and, more importantly, have the students asking, ‘What book can I read next?'” the teachers said in a letter home to parents.

The children could count any book read to him or her by parents, teachers, librarians or others interested in helping.

Each student had a “2000” reading sheet to keep track of the books read in the project.

“We started this program in August, determined to make it by Christmas,” said Downs. “And we did.”