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Woodfords recognizes students

by Sharlene Irete

More than 60 students from kindergarten to high school were recognized at the Indian Student Awards at Diamond Valley School in Woodfords on Monday.

Students received plaques, pats on the back and applause for being good citizens, having outstanding attendance, for academic effort and for being excellent athletes. High school students were also noted for participating in youth council, for tutoring other students and showing leadership and service.

The gym was filled with about 100 supporters. After the award ceremony, the crowd was treated to a dinner provided by the Woodfords Education Center and were entertained by singer Martin Montgomery of Dresslerville and the Sage Spirit Dancers from Fallon.

Woodfords Indian Education Center Awards

— Kindergarten through eighth grade:

Megan Cruz

Nathan Cruz

Justin Dick

Michelle Minder

Alex Rice

Marcus Rice

Jaileine Salciedo

Gavin Wyatt

Corrie Jackson

Celesse Brown

Ombryann Guerrero

Elsie May Hall

Tristen Dressler

Natane Godowa

Nikolas King

Joy Medicine Crow

Lee Arte Rose

Mauricea Two Eagle

Kohl Barnes

Nicholas Berreman

Thomas Dick

Dashona Godowa

Ubaldo Gomez

Anna Guerrero

Beau Medicine Crow

Dion Mortimer

Kendall Ornellas

Kyle Barnes

Tiara Cruz

Sarah Medicine Crow

Leonna Mortimer

Tramayne Bennett

Viktoria Burton-Brown

David Brown

Shawna Burtt

Jesstyna Dressler

Julia Gomez

Sarah Gonzalez

Stella John

Mikaela Meeden

Dinalyn Skenandore

A.J. (Alfred) Duran

Chelsee Guerrero

Lauryn Mae James

Clinton John Jr.

Stephanie Tyon

Cody Vann

Brandon Crawford

George Dick

Rebecca Lewis

Evan Meeden

Kalynn Payne

William (Billy) Rubino

Josh Townsend

Ridge Cruz

Krystal Erwin

David King

— High School:

Blessing Bennett

Jessica Burtt

Kenneth Christensen

Tatyana (T.J.) Jim

Michael (Mikie) Skenandore

Allison Flood

Salina Guerrero

Desirae Lewis

Georgie Dressler

Josh Horse

Michael Rojas

Emmy Frank

Ben Gonzales

Kaela Horse