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Women sentenced in trick-roll robbery

Two women, who were the bait in a prostitution-related robbery, were sentenced to suspended jail terms on Tuesday.

At least one of the men believed to have been involved an Aug. 6, 2018, armed robbery of a Kingsbury man was in custody in Washoe County.

Isaiah Martin, 19, was in custody in Washoe County Jail on Tuesday facing a similar charge. As of Friday afternoon, his name no longer appears in the inmate search.

Also identified in court documents, was Geo’Vaughanii Rene Chambers-Richie.

Neither man has been charged in Douglas County.

Fallon resident Saphire Rasmussen, 19, admitted to conspiracy to solicit for prostitution while Reno resident Justyce Fasano, 19, admitted to conspiracy to commit burglary. Both charges are gross misdemeanors.

Rasmussen agreed to meet a man she met in the Sugar Daddy group on seeking.com for $500. She offered to bring along Fasano, prompting the man to offer an additional $100.

While Rasmussen went into the bedroom, Fasano let two masked men into the apartment, who robbed the resident.

Rassmussen’s attorney Maria Pence said that she didn’t realize the men planned to rob the victim.

“Saphire believed they would do what they did in the past, where she would turn the money over to the men, and they would rent a hotel room and do drugs,” Pence said.

District Judge Tod Young gave both women the maximum 364 days in jail and fined them $1,000. They will also have to pay $500 in attorney’s fees.

“You could have got somebody killed,” Young said in sentencing Rasmussen.