Winners of Ruhenstroth decoration contest |

Winners of Ruhenstroth decoration contest

Howie Althouse presents Ruhenstroth resident Lisa Prosser an award for the most decorated home for the holidays.
Jim Grant | The Record-Courier

Congratulations to everyone in Ruhenstroth. What a terrific contest we had this year. So many more houses were lit up this year, and decorated so beautifully. I think if you looked at a satellite photo of the neighborhood, you’d be able to spot Ruhenstroth from space. The streets were busy as friends and neighbors wandered up and down to see the light displays.

We all agreed that it was very difficult to pick just one winner so I’ve decided to introduce a few new categories this year.

The first category is our “Getting the Spirit” list for houses that were nicely decorated and contributed light and style to the season. Some of our judges didn’t give the exact address but here they are in no particular order: 806 Mustang Lane, 986, 997 and 996 Farrier Court, 773 Scout Circle, 1978 Mule, 1826 Sullivan Drive, 1839 Long Court, 620 and 615 Thorobred Avenue, the house on Thorobred at the end of the court as well as the outlined deck and stairs at Morgan Lane.

The “Spirited Expression” category is for homes that went above and beyond to capture the eye and the imagination: 1994 Mule (who won last year and can’t win again this year but everyone loves not only the decorations but the welcoming sign). The kids love the corner of 395 and Wiseman Lane for its outrageous lighting, 769 Pinto Circle, (my personal favorite for the husky puppies and the lovely lights), 1835 Morgan Court for the tree that shines down over the whole neighborhood and a special nod to 1976 Palomino that greets me every night on my way home.

The final category is a special recognition for the “Spirit of Ruhenstroth” that goes to 700 Pinto and their decorated covered wagon. This one touched the hearts of so many this season and deserves a special mention.

And finally, drum roll, please. The children’s choice for the plaque goes to Dave and Lisa Prosser who outdid themselves at 701 Pinto this year. They really went the extra mile to get into the spirit and deserve to add 2014 to their long list of wins. Howie Althouse, who made the plaque again this year, met with the Record-Courier photographer to present the plaque.

It’s always sad to say goodbye to another Christmas but I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Today is Boxing Day in England; a uniquely British tradition that we should all adopt. The families who were blessed with riches boxed up presents of food and clothes and toys and took them around to the townspeople who were not as fortunate. So look through your pantry and closet this weekend and take donations to our local thrift stores such as the Fish, Helping Hands, Flip Flops and Goodwill. It brings jobs and joy to many. Not to mention it makes tax time a bit happier come April 15.

Here’s wishing everyone a very happy 2015. Have fun, be safe and see you next year.

Karen Brier is a Ruhenstroth resident.