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Wheeler: ‘Get out the vote’

by Aurora Sain
Jim Wheeler
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With all of the craziness surrounding this years presidential election, local politicians want to remind voters it is important to vote at all levels of government.

“We’ve heard everything from the Republican Party is in total disarray to it’s starting to unify, and in my opinion, all of the above is correct,” said Assemblyman Jim Wheeler.

Wheeler was the key speaker at the Douglas County Republican Women’s luncheon on Wednesday giving his thoughts on the state of the Republican Party.

While Wheeler said that he originally planned on voting for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, he will vote for presidential hopeful Donald Trump for two reasons.

“The first reason is that he is the Republican nominee and I am a Republican,” said Wheeler. “The second one is I’ve always said that I will do what my constituents want. Matter of fact, I got a little infamous saying that.”

Wheeler said that he noticed early on that his constituents wanted Trump as president so he will support them in that.

“We’ve got a candidate like no one has ever seen before,” said Wheeler. “And honestly no one knows what he is going to do next.”

In referring to presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton as “She who shall not be named,” or Voldemort from the Harry Potter series, Wheeler said that while she is up in the polls right now, it is the polls later on that matter more.

He also said that Trump’s pick for vice president, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, got him solidly on board.

“This guy is a true and complete conservative,” said Wheeler. “He’s a gentleman, he’s a Christian and he’s a true Republican.”

Wheeler also talked about a rumor that Trump picked South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy to serve as Attorney General.

“Guy’s we really could turn this country around,” said Wheeler. “It’s those people in those positions that will make the day to day decisions while the president sits up there and gives a basic overview.”

Wheeler reminded people to get involved in the race for senate or representatives just as much, if not more than the race for president.

“We, and clubs like this, really have to get involved in those down ticket races,” said Wheeler. “Grassroots wins every time, ask Dave Nelson.”

Wheeler suggested that voters go to Washoe County or places that typically vote for Democrats, to try and help Rep. Joe Heck win the senate race.

“We all know that Douglas County for instance is going to stay red,” said Wheeler.

Wheeler said that they have made some progress in the Legislature, but they cant risk Democrats taking over seats held by Republicans.

“It’s already been told to us, if we go back in the minority, the Democrats will undo everything we did,” he said.

Wheeler said that senate hopeful Catherine Cortez Masto tried to run the transportation service Uber out of the state but Nevada Sen. James Settelmeyer drafted legislation to keep it operating in Nevada.

“We can turn us back not just into a red state, but into a truly free market state,” said Wheeler.

Wheeler also talked about ballot question 1, which would require background checks for gun purchases, and would require firearm transfers to go through a licensed gun dealer. The bill does state that temporary transfers and those between immediate family members would be exempted.

“I had a Democrat tell me once, we are going to eat the Republican elephant, one bite at a time,” said Wheeler. “This is a bite out of your second amendment rights. That’s what this bill is.”

The most important thing Wheeler said is that people need to get in contact with the Douglas County Republican Women, the Sierra Nevada Republican Women or Lynn Muzzy and participate in phone banks, campaign help or anything that will get people like Heck elected into the lower offices.

“What works we’re gonna do,” said Wheeler.