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Wet May, dry June benefit hay crop

Hay bails on Ranch No. 1 in Genoa are ready to be picked up on Wednesday morning.
Kurt Hildebrand |

Cattle moved off Ranch No. 1’s upper field on May 9. Five weeks later they were cutting and baling hay from the field.

Contributing to the quick turnaround was a May that saw cool temperatures and above average moisture and a dry June.

A wet May also contributed to filling Topaz Lake on the Walker River, which provides irrigation water to ranchers in Smith and Mason valleys.

The coldest high temperature this June was 68 degrees recorded on Thursday, according to the Weather Service.

There was a warm spell during the first week of June that topped out at 93 degrees.

The advent of summer on Monday will see even warmer temperatures with high temperatures of around 95 degrees expected by mid-week.

June has yet to see any measurable rain in Minden, according to the weather service.

While no rain has fallen in June, there have been brief thundershowers in other parts of the Valley, with .05 inches falling during a squall in Genoa on June 11.

June 2015 was the ninth wettest since records started being kept in 1906. May 2016 was the 10th wettest.