Virus doesn’t stop marching band from performing |

Virus doesn’t stop marching band from performing

The Douglas High School Fighter Tiger Marching Band performed on Oct. 16 in full uniform.
Special to The R-C

No players tried to take the field, but members of the Douglas High School Fighting Tiger Band refused to yield… to the coronavirus outbreak that canceled their competitions.

On Friday, the band presented a 2020 Pandemic Showcase field show in full uniform, just as they would if it were Homecoming.

“We knew going into the season that all of the competitions were canceled,” Director Tammy Owens said. “The kids were not deterred from that fact and wanted to still create a field show. We celebrated in the fact that we were given the opportunity to be able to rehearse together and create an actual field show.”

She said the marching band started practicing on Aug. 3, weeks before the start of school, and met every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

“We had to make coverings for all the instrument bells and modify face masks that would allow the students to play their instruments with a mask on at all times,” she said.

The field show included all the parts that the band would perform during a real football game.

“In order to make the experience as authentic as possible, we created a showcase performance that encompassed a pre-show (like what would be done at a football game), the competitive field show and a post-show (similar to what would happen at the end of a football game).”

She said the band also took the opportunity to recognize the seniors, just as they would be recognized at senior night.

“We presented our ‘2020 Pandemic Showcase’ to an empty stadium in full uniform just as if it were a live performance,” Owens said. “We even had an announcer just like in a competition. This performance was video taped and each student received a DVD of the performance to share with their families.”

Owens said the showcase was a success and a big boost for the band students.

“You could feel the student energy all the way across town,” she said. “They were so happy and thankful for having this opportunity.”