Vegas next for county’s top spellers |

Vegas next for county’s top spellers

Douglas top spellers

8th - Jett Lehmann (CVMS) Winner, Sarah Flynt (CVMS) Runner-up

7th - Sebastian Sloane (PWLMS) Winner, Braulio Torres Arceo (CVMS) Runner-up

6th - Jed Lu (CVMS) Winner, Zachary Jackson (PWLMS) Runner-up

Heavy C’s plagued Douglas County Spelling Bee contestants on Wednesday morning, with the second C’s in words like “Antarctic” and “vacancy” eliminating two participants.

Two-dozen sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders battled it out for the top spot at Carson Valley Middle School.

The battle royale of the contest was between Pau-Wa-Lu’s Sebastian Sloane and Carson Valley Middle School’s Braulio Torres Arceo.

Of the 10 rounds, for the grades, seven of them were the back and forth between the two seventh-grade spellers.

Sloane misspelled “Riviera” and left an opening for Torres Arceo, who missed the championship word, “pilferer.”

Sloan stumbled again on the word “graham,” but Torres Arceo missed “firmament,” letting Sloane back into the contest.

After three more rounds, Sloane spelled “officiant” correctly and then brought it home by spelling “marooned.”

Eighth-grade top speller Jett Lehmann missed one championship word, but was able to put it to bed by going back to “rudiments” after successfully spelling “insignia.”

Carson Valley Middle School eighth-grader Sarah Flynt misspelled “cognizant” to give Lehmann the win.

Carson Valley middle schooler Jed Lu had a perfect bee, spelling “anagrams” for the win after runner-up Zach Jackson missed “palindrome.”

Two-dozen students represented Whittell High School, Pau-Wa-Lu and Carson Valley middle schools and Grace Christian Academy.

Judges Susan Moore, Michele Burke and Shannon Harris held up red or green cards to let the students know if they’d spelled their word correctly.

Coordinating the Bee was Carson Valley Middle School Library Holly Kuhlman while Amanda Laca pronounced the words, gave definitions and used words in a sentence.

The winners of the bee will go to the state spelling bee at The Meadows School in Las Vegas on March 21.

The National Scripps Spelling Bee is May 24-29.