Vacation rental task force begins its work |

Vacation rental task force begins its work

Staff Reports

Members of the vacation Home Rental Task Force:

• Tom Brooks

• Lauren Romain

• Dan Aynesworth

• Dana Reed

• Kevin Kjer

• Steve Teshara

• Natalie Yanish

• Carol Chaplin

• Mickie Hempler

• Bill Chernock

• Jan Vandermade

• Ben Johnson

• John Zemlock

• Margaret Pross

On April 15, the Douglas County Manager’s Office held the first meeting of the Vacation Home Rental Task Force to review the history of vacation home rentals and establish the framework for the activities of the Task Force moving forward. The purpose of the VHR Task Force was defined by county commissioners during their board meeting on Jan. 24.

“To assist the County Manager with drafting recommendations regarding the administration and regulation of Vacation Home Rentals in Douglas County in a way which would balance the rights of the property owner with the rights of the neighbors.”

Vacation rentals are allowed at Tahoe Township with a permit. There are currently around 500 of them.

Vacation rentals are not permitted in the East Fork Township, which includes Carson Valley and Topaz Ranch Estates.

Concerns over allowing the expansion of the rentals into Carson Valley prompted the formation of the task force, whose recommendations may be incorporated into a new ordinance covering the entire county.

The county launched a 24-7 hotline and online reporting platform for neighbors to report issues with vacation home rentals last year.

Host Compliance provides a contact for people to report violations and resolve disputes on vacation rentals operating in Douglas County. The telephone number for the 24/7 hotline is 775–234–0404. Online access is also available at

A webpage with taskforce meeting materials, background information, timeline and important documents pertaining to the VHRTF has been created and can be found at

For more information about the Task Force or questions pertaining to the Task Force contact Jenifer Davidson, Assistant County Manager at 775-782-9821 or