Two female bears killed in Carson Range |

Two female bears killed in Carson Range

Staff Reports

Two weeks into Nevada’s third bear hunt season, two female bears have been killed in the Carson Range, according to the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

Department spokesman Chris Healy said both bears were taken near Genoa Peak in Douglas County, one on Sept. 26 and the other on Tuesday.

Both bears were female, weighing around 200 pounds, and about 10 years old. Neither bear was nursing so there are not any orphaned cubs, Nevada Department of Wildlife spokesman Chris Healy said Tuesday.

The bear that was killed on Tuesday had an ear tag. Neither hunter used dogs.

Nevada’s bear hunt began its third season Sept. 15, and could continue into its fourth if the Nevada Wildlife Commission agrees.

The state’s bear population, which consists of about 400 to 700 bears, is more than enough to allow a limited hunt, Healy said. He said the department will likely recommend continuing the program when the Nevada Wildlife Commission reviews it in a few months.

In 2010, the Nevada Department of Wildlife estimated there were about 350 to 450 bears in the state, he said. But the department anticipates that number has grown significantly over the last three years.

The limit in Nevada’s hunt is 20 total bears with 45 tags given out. The season runs until Dec. 31.

Just across the border in California, Healy said hunters have taken 141 bears in their hunt. The upper limit is 1,700 bears.

In California, about 35,000 bears roam The Golden State, said Jason Holley, spokesman for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.