Trunk and contents will be on display |

Trunk and contents will be on display

Staff reports

It is hoped that the Genoa Courthouse Museum can be opened in the first part of May following the renovations done this spring, but even if the entire museum isn’t open, the Historic Park-Hansen Trunk that Janice Hansen shared with the public in May of 1999 will be reopened and unpacked Friday, May 5, at 7 p.m.

The trunk and its contents will be on display for a short time Saturday, May 6, from 10 a.m until 2 p.m., upstairs in the courtroom of the museum.

Several people missed the opening last year, according to Laurie Hickey, who with Hansen is organizing the event for this year.

“This is an opportunity to step back in time to another era and have a glimpse at the lifestyles of the people and families in early Nevada and Carson Valley,” Hickey said. “The trunk is a family time capsule of occasions and events that were of importance to them and those around them.”

The trunk belonged to Hansen’s grandmother, Eliza Park Hansen. Some of the items in the truck belonged to Eliza’s parents and grandparents, with items dating back to the 1700s.

Also on display will be a porcelain doll not found in the truck but given to Hansen’s grandmother by her aunt, the famous Dr. Eliza Cook, who is thought to be the first woman doctor in Nevada. Along with the doll is the box it came in from New York addressed to the doctor.

Among the items to be displayed are the wedding photo of Eliza Park and her husband William Hansen in the 1890s and the handmade undergarments that match her wedding dress, including pantaloons, a camisole and slip, beautifully worked, and a nightgown.

Several children’s outfits, photos, jewelry, pins, documents and gifts round out the display. Many items came with notes explaining their importance, such as the silver dollar “made the year you were born (1879) and the penny made the year I was born (1855).”

Cost for Friday’s opening is $5 and on Saturday, $3. Proceeds will go to the Carson Valley Historical Society.