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Travelers Stop Here

The team of Jan Vandermade, Heidi Saucedo and Kim Smallwood invite you to come by and learn more. You could find them on LinkedIn or elsewhere online, but why not stop in?

This sponsored content was provided by Carson Valley Visitors Authority
Courtesy of Carson Valley Visitor's Authority
1477 US Hwy 395 N, Suite C, Gardnerville 775.782.8145  | Search for CarsonValleyNevada on Facebook or Instagram (#WhyCV is their preferred hashtag). Over 2,300 Carson Valley locals already follow their pages as they too find times when they are truly a ‘tourist’ and need the help of comprehensive resources.

Wander into the Carson Valley Museum and Cultural Center and there you’ll find an added benefit. On the main floor, take some time to check out the Carson Valley Visitors Authority’s visitor center. It’s a wealth of great information on local activities, events, dining, shopping and more. Better yet, you’ll be happily served by the depth of knowledge and concierge style service offered by their team. While visitors bureaus spend the dominant percentage of their efforts promoting a destination to travelers from outside the area, this team sees great value in locals and their passion for experiences.

The Executive Director, Jan Vandermade, asks us to, “search the word tourist. It describes a person traveling to a place for pleasure. Synonyms include visitor, sightseer, backpacker or globetrotter, yet nowhere is there any mention of how far one travels. Guess what? Look closer and you find we’re all tourists seeking new experiences, locals and visitors alike. No measure of miles defines us. Traveling one mile or 3,000, when we seek out a new discovery, we’re tourists. And when we don’t know our way, we crave a friendly face willing to lend advice or a helping hand. Turns out we’re all explorers looking for opportunities to see and do things that expand our desire for great memories.”

Carson Valley Visitors Authority is their business to business name. Most travelers or customers find them online or on social media as Visit Carson Valley. Also referred to as a Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), their goal is to introduce visitors to the truly unique experiences offered in our valley. Vandermade tells us, “overnight visitors alone now bring a positive impact to our community of over $70m per year. Day visitors add even more spending locally”.

The Marketing Manager, Heidi Saucedo, adds, “we concentrate on our greatest physical attributes combined with a warm and welcoming local community who are more than willing to offer help or suggestions as to what to do and where to go. Bently Heritage Estate Distillery is already drawing visitors worldwide. Yet, no one item is the story. It’s equally about large scale events, concerts, wildlife tours, arts, history, outdoor recreation and trails, as well as the farm and ranch experiences that showcase our western heritage. Of course, we don’t want to forget our burgeoning food scene, as 100% of travelers need to eat. Our out-of-town guests love the local people and their hospitality. We even highlight that fact in our communications”. Three sample images from our Legends ad campaign are shown here.