Training for tragedy |

Training for tragedy

by Cheyanne Neuffer
Tahoe Daily Tribune
Emergency Medical Services treat wounded students in the "warm zone" during South Lake Tahoe active shooter training drill.
Cheyanne Neuffer / Tahoe Daily Tribune

First responder agencies across South Lake Tahoe held an active shooter training exercise this week.

The drill was held at South Tahoe High School and then at Barton Memorial Hospital Wednesday afternoon.

South Tahoe Police Lieutenant Shannon Laney told the Tribune that in case some officers had never seen the inside of the high school, having the muscle memory would help in a active shooter situation.

The event also simulated mass casualties in the large-scale traumatic event.

“It will give the officers muscle memory of South Tahoe High School.” Laney said. “This is our high school, so if there’s going to be a high school shooting, it will be here.”

He said the multi-agency drill was expensive but well worth the investment.

“In a community like ours, we all work together [Talking about all the small agencies in SLT],” said Laney.

Communications manager for South Lake Tahoe Chris Fiore said, “Today is the day to know what things are working and not working so we are prepared for when an incident happens. If something is not going to work, today is the day to figure it out.”

Agencies participating included the South Lake Tahoe Police Department, South Lake Tahoe Fire Rescue, Cal Tahoe JPA, Barton Health, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Lake Tahoe Unified School District.