TOPS group elects officers, meets Thursdays |

TOPS group elects officers, meets Thursdays

by Carol Corwin

The Gardnerville TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) #141 group met and installed the 2000-2001 year officers. Jane Lehman, TOPS member, selected an apple theme by comparing each office to a part of an apple. She then gave each officer a large, red apple.

“We being a TOPS year with our fellowship like a sweet, crunchy apple,” Lehrman said. She then continued with each office.

The leader, Alice McGreal, and co-leader, Carolyn Miller, were compared to the core of the apple. They are at the center of all activity. They lead the chapter in what TOPS stands for.

The secretary, Diane O’Neil, is like the seeds of the apple, making others aware, arousing interest in TOPS and enlisting both the commitment of present members and the involvement of new members.

The treasurer’s part, held by Faye Pekar, is the flesh of the apple which surrounds the core. This office maintains the structure of TOPS.

The stem of the apple represents the work of the weight recorder, Shirley Graham. Through faithful work and accurate records, she provides ongoing nourishment to the chapter.

The members represent the tree to which the apple is attached. They are responsible for providing sustenance to the fruit through their presence and involvement.

TOPS meets in the upstairs rooms at Sharkey’s casino every Thursday at 9 a.m for weigh in and for the official meeting from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. All interested people are welcome to attend.

Call Alice McGreal at 265-5011 for information.