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Tim Baley to play at Carson Valley United Methodist Church

Staff reports

On July 30, Carson Valley United Methodist Church will host a musical experience which has been shared around the world.

Tim Baley, a Carson City resident, will perform a piano concert accompanied by a slide presentation of some of his own art work. Entitled “Reflections Americana,” the program will cover songs from the past to the present, from coast to coast, while over 175 slides depict our American heritage.

“Tim Baley is truly an amazing individual,” said Cindy McIntosh, director of Family Ministries for the church. “When he was quite young, because of mental and physical handicaps, including cerebral palsy, Tim’s parents were told that there was no hope of a meaningful life outside of an institution. Fortunately, they did not heed the doctor’s advice.

“In 1979, when in his 20s, Tim announced, ‘I want to be a concert pianist,’ and today, he has reached his goal many times over.

“From a child who could barely touch his two index fingers together, he has become an incredible musician. He performed on television with Liberace and Steve Allen, in addition to several White House performances and others at the Pentagon, NASA and the Kennedy Center. He recently returned from a tour in Australia.”

In 1986, Tim began to paint. Since that time, one of his paintings was chosen to be hung for the 200th anniversary of the U.S. capitol, and he was chosen to exhibit his work in the Very Special Arts Gallery (an affiliate of the Kennedy Center) in Washington, D.C. Other awards, both musical and artistic, are too numerous to mention.

Because of the length of the program, there will be a single service at 9:30 a.m. There will be Sunday School through 2nd grade, although the program is appropriate for any age.

“Though he does not like to focus on this fact, Tim’s performances are his primary means of support; therefore, a free-will offering will be taken after the service,” McIntosh said.

There will also be a barbecue for all at approximately 11 a.m. Tim and his parents will attend. Meat, beverages and paper good will be provided, and everyone is asked to take a side dish to serve eight. The community is invited to both the concert and the barbecue.

The church is located at 1375 Centerville Lane in Gardnerville. For questions, contact the church office at 782-4600.