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Tigers roar in Katy Perry contest video

by Cira Craighead
Tigers dance in the halls as part of a schoolwide video entered into the “ROAR with Katy Perry" contest.

Katy Perry will chose her favorite video and perform at the winning school on Oct. 25.

The spirit of Douglas High School students was captured in a special schoolwide video this homecoming week, filled with Tiger-pride, excitement, and a fun dance routine.

The “ROAR with Katy Perry” contest, hosted by Katy Perry and Good Morning America, encourages schools nationwide to show their spirit while lip-dubbing to Perry’s newest hit song, “Roar,” and Douglas was willing to accept the challenge.

“Our Tiger spirit is what mattered most to us,” said leadership teacher Karen Lamb.

Many students showed up decked out in Tiger-wear 5 p.m. Sept. 25 to shoot the majority of the video.

“We had about 100 people considering that we threw it together,” said Lamb, “We came up with the (plan) around four that day.”

The rest of the video was taken during the school’s pep rally, football practice, homecoming football game, and homecoming dance.

The idea for Douglas to enter the contest was suggested to Lamb by a parent, and students from the leadership class asked senior Austin Bachman to make the video.

“I like making movies,” said Bachman, “I am looking to go into film at USC.”

Bachman did all of the filmmaking and editing, and was the creative director as well as one of the school’s student representatives alongside Candace Hoyt.

Hoyt appeared throughout the video as “Bojangles,” the school mascot.

Hoyt said that her favorite part of the video was when everyone was in the gym with “Bojangles” in the middle of the crowd.

“I had the biggest grin, behind the grin,” she said.

The prize for winning the contest is a live concert in late October by Perry which will be broadcast on Good Morning America.

“A lot (of the submissions) have two or three people lip synching,” said Lamb, “I like that (Douglas’) is a whole group thing the whole time.”

The video will also live on as an artifact of the school spirit at Douglas.

Making an all-school video again in the future looks likely, according to Lamb and the student representatives.

“It’s just a positive environment,” Bachman said of DHS.

“We do have the best student section,” said Hoyt.

The video helps to capture these ideas, as well as show off the school’s personality and sense of community.

“There is nothing like being a Tiger,” said Lamb, “It’s proof to me that this is the best place to be.”

The winning high school will be chosen and notified by Thursday.