Thunderstorm moving north from Coleville |

Thunderstorm moving north from Coleville

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A Foothill resident looks at the flooding on Foothill Road after a severe thunderstorm passed through the area on Monday afternoon.
Jim Grant | The Record-Courier

Gardnerville, Nev. — Minden received .58 inches of rain over the course of two hours today, according to weather watcher Stan Kapler.

Douglas County Emergency Management is working on managing the effects of thundersstorms that are passing through the area.

Areas of concern are the flood prone areas of the Fish Springs, Johnson Lane, Foothill Road and Topaz Ranch Estates, sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Pat Brooks said.

East Valley Road near Eldon Way in the Johnson Lane area is closed.

“Precautions should be taken when driving along roads that have steep embankments alongside such as Kingsbury Grade for falling rocks and debris,” Brooks said.

Crews from the East Fork Fire Protection District, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue are patrolling these areas for potential flooding.

“Remember, fast moving water can sweep vehicles from the roadways and hide potential danger,” Brooks said. “Remain clear of all fast-moving water.”

At one point around 4:30 p.m. Monday the National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm and seven flash flood warnings from Bishop north to Reno.

A major thunderstorm rolled north from Coleville northwest through Holbrook to Gardnerville, leaving flooding in its wake.

Heavy rain and hail forced vehicles to pull off Highway 395 in the Pine Nut Mountains.

There was a report of flooding in a home at Lillian Court in Sheridan Acres. While water did not appear to get into the house, firefighters are sandbagging in front of the garage.

Topaz Ranch Estates is also experiencing flooding.

The National Weather Service also issued a flash flood warning for Alpine County through 5 p.m.

Emergency personnel reported water over Kingsbury Grade at the 6,000-foot level bringing rocks and debris with it. The southbound lanes of Foothill Lane are reported to be blocked by flooding.

A power outage struck Gardnerville at about 4:30 p.m. The traffic signal at Highway 395 and Riverview is flashing. According to NV Energy, 21 Douglas County customers are without power as of 5:10 p.m.