Third of county’s voters on inactive list |

Third of county’s voters on inactive list

Minden, Nev. — Low turnout in the 2014 general election has resulted in nearly a third of Douglas County’s voters being listed as inactive.

The Douglas County Clerk’s Office changed the status of several thousand voters in June after they didn’t vote in the November election.

Chief Deputy Elections Clerk Concha Lord said she sent out a card to voters asking to verify their information.

“Once those cards are returned, then the voters are moved to active,” she said. “Consequently, the number of inactive voters increases briefly while I’m waiting for the cards to be returned. If a voter doesn’t return the card, the voter record remains inactive but they are still eligible to vote.”

Inactive voters may cast a ballot by showing up at the polls and providing confirmation of their address and information.

According to the clerk’s office, there were 9,329 inactive voters on Aug. 4.

The Green Party took the biggest hit with 41 percent of their voters on the inactive list. According to the clerk’s office 39.8 percent of nonpartisan voters and 39.6 percent of Independent American voters are listed as inactive.

Almost a third of Douglas County Democrats are listed as inactive. Only 23 percent of Republicans are on the list.

Turnout in the November election totaled 61.93 percent in Douglas County, with more people voting absentee and early than turned out on election day. The race between Sheriff Ron Pierini and challenger Dave Brady was the only contested countywide race.

Douglas had a pretty good turnout compared to Clark County, where only 41.45 percent of voters cast a ballot. However, the state’s highest turnout was in Eureka County where the turnout was 79.77 percent of registered voters.