The world continues to spin |

The world continues to spin

by anita kornofff

As a service to our readers we are updating this list.

Fast-food restaurants with drive-throughs or whose business consists primarily of take-out or delivery are continuing to operate, as are the county’s delis.

Call to order, or find out whether take-out is being offered.


Chicago Mikes 775-392-1638

El Aguila Real 775-884-9394

Overland Restaurant & Pub 775-392-1369

JT Basque Bar & Dining Room 775-782-2074

Jerry’s Grill 775-392-2889

Saku Sushi and Grill 775-782-3302

Pho Chop Stix 783-8888

Jasmine Thai Restaurant 317-848-8950

Gardnerville Ranchos

Carson Valley Country Club 265-3715

Jethro’s Oven and Grill 775-265-2215

Grill Next Door 775-265-8841

Philadelphia Seafood & Italian Cuisine 775-392-3370

CoComoes Catering 775-392-0404

Slice of Heaven 775-392-3851


Genoa Country Store 775-782-5974

Genoa Station Bar & Grille 775-783-1599

The Pink House 775-392-4279

Sierra Chef 775-392-4417


Full Belly Deli 775-782-5430

Francisco’s Mexican Restaurant 775-782-6496

Louie’s Mandarin Gourmet 775-392-3664

El Agaveño 775-392-4136

Wild Horse Bar & Grill 775-782-7208

Fuentes Restaurant & Cantina 775-392-4265

Amerikan Ni Sushi 775-783-1112

Khristophers Ristorante & Bar 775-267-4809

Minden Meat and Deli 775-783-9999

Taildragger (775) 782-9500

Johnson Lane General Store (Pizza) 775-267-2265

Although very little in our human lives seems to be normal right now, nature goes along on its way as usual. The skies are still beautiful, the mountains are as stately as ever, spring flowers are budding a blooming, and our April weather is behaving just as expected. Sunshine, rain, wind, snow—sometimes all in the same day. Yep, nature is unfazed by all that’s going on in the human community.

To help focus on better days to come, Main Street Gardnerville is once again offering residents and businesses an opportunity to participate in the seasonal beautification of our town. Many people are still needed to sponsor “Main Street’s Hanging Baskets” at a cost $95 each. Please visit or call 782-8027 if you are able to help brighten our community in this way.

The annual project is presented by the MSG Flower Committee. The FFA/Horticultural youth programs at China Springs, Douglas High, and Smith Valley help grow the flowers for this program each year. Without community support, this program would fade away with the flowers at the end of each summer. Weather permitting, the baskets will be hung in early June and stay up through mid-September.


We miss our Seniors, so call and let us know how you are doing. During this time, it is easy to feel alone and isolated, and we want to remind you all that we are still here for you. If you are feeling lonely or just want to say hi, please call us at 782-5500, ext. 1. We have staff ready to enjoy some conversation. Don’t forget; frozen meals from our own kitchen are available for pick up Mon.-Fri. from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Also available is distilled water for anyone who needs it for medical equipment. All donations are much appreciated.

Contact Anita Kornoff at