The Sept. 4 R-C Morning Report |

The Sept. 4 R-C Morning Report

Genoa, Nev. — A panel of residents charged with picking the cream of the county manager candidate crop decided to leave all 11 fallow in the field on Friday. I think that 6-4 vote to recommend none of the candidates was a surprise to many of us.


The Good Governance Group was touting the NNDA’s Rob Hooper as the lead candidate for county manager. Hooper’s speaking today at the group’s lunchtime meeting at the COD Casino in Minden. Who knows, he might actually still be the lead candidate, since they’re all tied at zero right now.


I understand volunteers are making candy like nobody’s business in Genoa. They typically produce a ton or more of the sweets made based on the historical recipes. Candy Dance is Sept. 29-30.


If you were hankering for some boiled low country shrimp, you’re going to have to head for Georgia, because the Elks Saturday event is sold out. Good news, there’s still plenty of sauerkraut coming on Sunday at the Sertoma Oktoberfest.


A belated happy 16thbirthday to Adriana Grant, daughter to R-C alum and Gardnerville Ranchos residents Jim and Belinda Grant.


We may see some haze today under mostly clear skies. Expect a high temperature near 91 degrees and the wind out of the west at 5-10 mph.


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