The Sept. 27 R-C Morning Report |

The Sept. 27 R-C Morning Report

Genoa, Nev. — A bear was prowling Gardnerville near Meadow Lane knocking over garbage cans and eating apples I’m told. It may be the same one that was spotted on Hussman earlier this month.


Bears like to follow the river into places you wouldn’t expect, but nowhere in this Valley is immune from them. With the apple crop we’re having this year, the choice is simple, either you pick them or the bear will.


The aspens are turning along Highway 88 in Hope Valley. If you’re passing through Alpine County expect folks to pull over suddenly to take a look. There’s some passable color along the way. Hopefully, this weekend’s wind won’t strip too many trees.


Breezy conditions and low humidity will bring a fire weather watch on Saturday. We’re looking at winds 15-25 mph in the afternoon, gusting to 40 mph.


Expect sunny skies today and a high temperature of 88 degrees with a light breeze out of the west this afternoon.


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