The Sept. 25 R-C Morning Report |

The Sept. 25 R-C Morning Report

The bears know its trash day.

Genoa, Nev. — The bear is out in Genoa, though all I’ve seen so far are a few toppled garbage cans and my very agitated dog. We’ve got fruit ripening on the trees throughout town and ursine seasonal pickers eager to harvest. 

The R-C’s staff is wrangling the seating for Friday’s Best Of luncheon, which is full to the gunnels. If for some reason you can’t go, let Tara Addeo or Mimi Stanton know because there’s a waiting list. 

After two days, The R-C’s phone server has been replaced and we’re able to take calls. I suspect the poor thing took one too many shocks to the system before it gave up the ghost.

While we’ve visited freezing temperatures a few times this month, it looks like we’re moving in starting early Monday morning.  At least that gives us the weekend to decide what to do about those frost sensitive plants.

We’re going to be the exact opposite of freezing today and Thursday with high temperatures climbing to 81 degrees today and 84 on Thursday as the front arrives. Today expect the wind to pick up out of the northeast 5-10 mph this afternoon.

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