The Sept. 16 R-C Morning Report |

The Sept. 16 R-C Morning Report

Apparently the trees in Minden didn't get the memo that fall doesn't start until at least Friday. Kurt Hildebrand photo

Tonight are 4-H sign-ups 6:30 p.m. at Carson Valley United Methodist Church. Not everything involves a herd animal and it’s a great way to get young people age 5-19 involved. For more information, call 782-9960.

We seem to have survived Day 1 of the fourth red flag warning of the season without any major conflagrations. The only active fire in the region is that Dixon Fire in the Carson Iceberg Wilderness, which continues puffing away having reached 25 acres.

It’s 60 degrees out this morning, only 6 degrees from the forecast high temperature on this breezy morning. Red flag remains up until the showers arrive just after lunchtime. 

We’ve got a snow level this afternoon of 8,000-8,500 feet. IF there’s snow, it won’t be much more than an inch and should melt off any roadways fairly quickly.

Particularly low portions of Carson Valley could see freezing temperatures tonight. The low is forecast to hit 35 degrees just before sunup on Tuesday, but some spots may be colder.

We’ve had a 28 mph wind gust at the airport this morning, so prepare for blustery conditions, including saving frequently if you’re working on a computer. Expect a high temperature of 66 degrees and showers this afternoon.