The real Dec. 18 R-C Morning Report |

The real Dec. 18 R-C Morning Report

Santa visits Meneley Elementary School. Frank Dressel photo

Genoa, Nev. — Douglas County is still short a member of the Board of Equalization after going through the appointments to boards and commissions. The Board of Equalization hears property tax appeals made to the Assessor’s Office by Jan. 15. If they lower someone’s assessment, then property in the vicinity is also lowered, hence the equalization part. Email if you’re interested.

We’ve had a couple of furnace issues with cold temperatures down into the teens, so next comes frozen pipes and woodstove-related fires. There’s lots of tips out there to prevent or recover from those things, but the main thing is to remain aware of the danger and be careful.

More than 400 Wreaths across America for Eastside Memorial and Garden cemeteries are literally making their way across America and are expected to arrive on Monday. Anyone interested in helping place wreaths on Tuesday should reach out to Eastside or Main Street Gardnerville for times.

We are one week out from Christmas. The R-C will be closing at noon on Christmas Eve, but since I’m putting the paper to bed that day, I’ll be accessible. 

Some spots might see some light snow in spots, but it looks like we’ll have plenty of sun today. The cold lows should give way to warmer temperatures for the weekend. Today expect a high of 41 degrees with the wind out of the southwest at 5 mph.

Christmas gremlins are at work this morning and somehow managed to replace today’s morning report with the one from Jan. 17, 2019. Let’s hope this attempt works.

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