The RC Morning Report for March 25 |

The RC Morning Report for March 25

Washoe recall effort

Members of the Washoe Tribe are meeting in Woodfords tonight to discuss removing Chairwoman Wanda Batchelor from office. The 6 p.m. meeting was announced on the Tribe’s Website and will be held in the Woodfords Wellness Center.

Blood drive

Piñon Hills Elementary School is hosting a blood drive 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. today in the school’s multi-purpose room. The school is located at 1479 Stephanie Way. Call 267-3622 for more information.

Nice day today

Looks like another nice day, with mostly sunny skies and a high temperature close to 65 degrees. The wind will pick up this afternoon. We may be getting some April showers a few days early when rain enters the forecast starting Wednesday.