The R-C Morning Report for Sept. 1 |

The R-C Morning Report for Sept. 1

Genoa, Nev. — Had plans for a Mono County Labor Day? It looks like the Slinkard Fire will keep you off Highway 395 today and maybe through the weekend. I usually recommend the drive along the east fork of the Walker River to Bridgeport, but it also doesn’t usually have a bunch of angry travelers who’ve been rerousted on it (yeah I spelled it rerousted).


Liberty Utilties said it was able to restore power to 30 customers near the bug station along Highway 395 before its crews had to retreat before the Slinkard Fire. Setting up an emergency generator is going to have to wait, according to their spokeswoman.


Air quality in Carson Valley has been hazy thanks to the Slinkard fire and others. The sort of real-time air quality gauge is reading moderate conditions heading for unhealthy for sensitive groups, which we might see later this morning. If it’s too smoky, stay indoors, until the air clears.


It will be like an autumn day in Phoenix today, warm and hazy. Expect the high today to hit 96 degrees under sunnyish skies. The winds will pick up to 5-10 mph this afternoon.