The R-C Morning Report for Nov. 22 |

The R-C Morning Report for Nov. 22

by Kurt Hildebrand

Genoa, Nev. — A winter weather advisory kicks off at 7 p.m. tonight for the region with snow levels dropping to the Valley floors by midnight, according to the National Weather Service. Now whether that translates into actual snow, is another matter. Maybe 1-3 inches. Who knows?


With .22 inches of precipitation reported in Minden so far this month, we’ve got a long ways to go to hit average, which is .89 inches. The record for the month was set in 1983 with 4.69 inches. Minden received 14.6 inches of snow in 1994.


It’s chilly out this morning at 24 degrees, but it will warm up to 50 under sunny skies before the storm arrives around 11 p.m.