The updated for mosquito spraying R-C Morning Report for Aug. 14 |

The updated for mosquito spraying R-C Morning Report for Aug. 14

The J.T. Basque Bar & Dining Room served nearly 500 meals on Friday night, making it one of the busiest nights in the venerable Gardnerville restaurant’s history. J.B. Lekumberry said the rough count from Friday was 486 meals. Typically, the restaurant will serve 395 meals on a busy night, but the Basque Festival contributed to Friday’s rush.

Buses Ho ! It’s the first day of school, so watch out for kids crossing at the crosswalks and pretty much everywhere else this before and after school. Choke points are Highway 395 at Carson Valley Middle School and Toler and Highway 88 across from the high school.

Douglas County’s mosquito warriors will be out spraying  in the Wildhorse subdivision and Saratoga Springs subdivision. The county had its first confirmed case of West Nile virus in a person last week.

It’s kind of cloudy out this morning, and there looks like a big disturbance north of Pyramid Lake. There’s no rain in the forecast for Carson Valley, but the high today is expected to only hit 84. It’s going to be breezy today with winds 5-15 mph gusting to 25 mph.

Today marks the return of the morning report after five months. I’m not going to promise to do it every day, but if I can get it posted before 8 a.m., I’ll give that a try. Thanks to everyone for all their support during these last five months. It has been a hard road, and I’m not quite at the end yet.