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‘The Queen’ casts her ballot in Minden

Members of the media record Oscar winning actress Helen Mirren dropping off her ballot in Minden on Thursday.
Kurt Hildebrand

The President visited Minden last month, and on Thursday the Douglas County seat received a visit from “The Queen.”

Dame Helen Mirren, who won an Oscar for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II, drove herself to Minden on Thursday morning to cast the ballot she received in the mail.

In-person early voting starts 10 a.m. today at the Douglas County Community & Senior Center in Gardnerville.

But a steady stream of residents have either been dropping off their ballots at the Post Office or at the Douglas County Election Tent behind the Douglas County Courthouse in Minden.

“With this early voting it’s fantastic,” she said “It makes it so much easier, doesn’t it? There’s no reason not to vote.”

A Douglas County resident for five years and an American citizen for three, this was the Academy Award winner’s first time voting in an American election.

“It’s always important to vote but at this particular moment in time it’s particularly important to vote,” she said. “When I was in my 20s, I wouldn’t go and vote, because I was busy doing other things.”

Born and raised in England, Mirren has voted in elections in her home country, but never in the United States.

“Of course you’re never too busy not to vote,” she said. “But it’s only as you get older that you come to realize how incredibly influential your vote can be. How it can change the nature of the world you live in on every level, whether that’s ecological, educational or the arts, or in any way you like to think of your life. Voting can change that.”

Mirren said she felt that it’s critical for young people to participate in the elections.

“I want those 18-30 year olds to come out and vote,” she said. “That’s the generation we need to get out and vote, but everyone needs to vote.”

Mirren said she loved living at Lake Tahoe.

“We’re very happy newcomers,” she said. “I think it’s an amazing state and a great county to be a part of.”

Mirren was accompanied by congressional candidate Patricia Ackerman and Douglas County Democratic Chair Kimi Cole.