The Oct. 8 R-C Morning Report |

The Oct. 8 R-C Morning Report

Genoa, Nev. — A Space X satellite launch from Vandenberg lit up the sky on Sunday night. A couple of folks sent me pictures. According to news reports, it was the first time the booster rocket landed safely on the West Coast ala “Forbidden Planet.”


Happy Columbus Day, which means the feds will be shuttered, while we Nevadans save our day off for our statehood celebration on Oct. 26. No mail today and some banks are closed. It is a school day, though.


Rebekah Swearingen and Chad Singer were named homecoming royalty on Friday night. The Tigers put the icing on the cake by defeating Galena 44-35 in the homecoming game.


Despite all my preparation, I may have lost my tomato bet this morning as the temperature dropped to 30 degrees in Genoa. It was 27 down near the river. If they somehow survived, I’ll roll them in today.


Expect sunny skies and a high temperature of 66 degrees today with the wind out of the southwest at 5-10 mph shifting to the northeast this afternoon.

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