The Oct. 30 R-C Morning Report |

The Oct. 30 R-C Morning Report

The watershed model didn't come with ice floes but it probably should have on Tuesday night. Kurt Hildebrand

Genoa, Nev. — It’s down to 8 degrees at my house this morning, which if it isn’t a record for this date in October, it should be. It got down to 7 degrees at Highway 395 and Genoa Lane. Time to break out the parkas for the school bus stops.

I expect we’ll hear some more instances of freezing pipes today since we pretty much lost the entire month of November to prepare for frigid temperatures. 

Around 50 people braved the cold for the Douglas County Public Works Open House on Tuesday evening. The cold north wind had it down around 38 degrees when they wrapped up at 6 p.m.

All Hallow’s Eve eve will be celebrated by children 4-11 years old 4 p.m. today with the Minden Library’s Halloween Boo Bash at the Douglas County Public Library, 1625 Library Lane in Minden.

Things to do today, I guess, include making sure your pipes are OK and stocking up some candy for Trick or Treat on Thursday. 

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