The Nov. 7 R-C Morning Report |

The Nov. 7 R-C Morning Report

The last precipitation recorded in Minden was on Sept. 17, which makes it 51 dry days today. Kurt Hildebrand photo
Another dry day

Genoa, Nev. — Outreach for an electronic digital music concert at Topaz Lake had about 50 folks show up on Wednesday night, according to my source, a majority of whom opposed the idea. Last year the promoter of Bass Camp was denied a permit for a similar concert. I’ll follow up on this when I get a moment’s breath.

The trial of a man accused of siphoning gas in underway in District Court. Jurors heard testimony on Wednesday from deputies who said they found Joshua P. Spring in possession of burglary tools in the form of a siphon hose in August 2018. Spring is denying the charge. 

Today’s the first reading of the ordinance enacting the Park receiving area swap at the Douglas County Board of Commissioners meeting 1 p.m. in the historic Douglas County Courthouse. I’m anticipating this session will be live-streamed, because that’s where the video gear lives.

There will be two more opportunities to weigh in on the agreement and master plan amendment, including next week’s planning commission meeting and the second reading in December, assuming it survives the first.

While human activity is bubbling and popping this week, the weather remains steady as a rock with sunny skies and a high near 67 degrees. The breeze will be out of the north at 5 mph.

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