The Nov. 6 R-C Morning Report |

The Nov. 6 R-C Morning Report

I hear there was a robocall going out in the East Fork Justice of the Peace race. I’m not surprised. Cassandra Jones and Erik Levin raised $93,000 in that race and most of that has been expended.


But all those efforts by all those people vying for an elected position should come to fruition today. Polls open in Douglas County 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Polling places are sprinkled across the county, and any registered voter may cast a ballot at any one of them. Visit for more information.


I’ll be online tonight following results and posting what I can when I can. Don’t expect to hear much before 8 p.m., though the popularity of the mail-in ballot might slow things down a tad. Results will be in Thursday’s edition. Good luck to everyone.


I love friends. But if you get a request from me on Facebook … well, we’re already friends, so it’s a trick. I went through and found four or five spoofed pages with my name on it and flagged them to the Facebook constabulary.


It will be a beautiful Election Day with the high at 63 degrees and the wind calm picking up out of the northeast at 5 mph in the afternoon.


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