The Nov. 26 R-C Morning Report |

The Nov. 26 R-C Morning Report

One place they'd love to see some new snow is Kirkwood Meadow, which was pretty dry on Monday. Kurt Hildebrand photo

Genoa, Nev. — Douglas County Library Board trustees are scheduled to discuss Librarian Amy Dodd’s performance and an update of the policy on employee absences due to hazardous conditions 10 a.m. today at the Minden Public Library in Minden. 

Those hazardous conditions may be coming up sooner than later as the winter storm arrives with the 4 p.m. stage today. Forecasters say we could see 3-5 inches of snow south of Highway 50 with the worst conditions tonight.

Western Nevada’s highways will be gargling with salt water in preparation for the impending storm. The state spritzes highways with 260,000 gallons of a 23-percent salt solution, along with 33,000 cubic yards of salt and sand.

Hey! Did I mention we’re in for some weather? The odds we’ll see snow go up starting at 1 p.m. today and just keep on climbing. Today’s high will creak up to 41 degrees. High winds are expected tonight, so keep the flashlights handy. 

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