The Nov. 14 R-C Morning Report |

The Nov. 14 R-C Morning Report

Christine Curtis took this photo of a balloon last week. Nice weather has had them launching.

Genoa, Nev. — My estimate is that around 100 people participated in public comment at Wednesday night’s appeal of a slaughterhouse at Centerville. The meeting was videoed and I’m told that will go on the county’s web site at some point. Commissioners unanimously declined to approve the appeal of the planning commission decision.

If the proponents of this project are going to sue, that will happen after the full record is made available from the county commissioners’ meeting. That typically takes a few weeks. I’ll try to keep one eye on that while juggling everything else. 

Some folks have garden gnomes, Zephyr Cove Elementary has completed its garden domes. We’ll have more on that in Saturday’s edition.

While sitting out in Minden Park listening to the commission meeting, I swear I saw a mosquito flying about. It wasn’t exactly sunny out, but it was way too warm for the middle of November.

It will be warm again today with partly sunny skies and a high temperature near 67 degrees. The wind will be calm out of the southwest at 5 mph. The dry pattern looks like it will continue through the first two-thirds of November at least.

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