The May 9 R-C Morning Report |

The May 9 R-C Morning Report

Genoa, Nev. — We had a dry April and May is shaping up to be not that much better. According to the National Weather Service, only .13 inches of rain fell during the alleged month of showers, well below the average of .49 inches. 

The West Fork continues to run between the action and minor flood stages, hitting 13.2 feet last night. The East Fork is expected to crest at 11.9 feet early Saturday morning, which is well below the 13-foot action stage.

The cool spring is continuing to preserve the snowpack with 47.7 inches of water on ice on Ebbetts and 33.4 inches at Carson passes. Monitor Pass still has 7 inches of snow-water, which is way more than the average .6 inches. Despite that the pass is open for the season.

Expect scattered showers and thunderstorms after 1 p.m. today under mostly sunny skies with a high of 66 degrees. The wind will be out of the northeast at 10-15 mph.

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