The May 25 R-C Morning Report |

The May 25 R-C Morning Report

Genoa, Nev. — We’re at the pointy end of the spear for a flood watch that took effect at 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. today. If it’s any consolation the haft of that spear runs all the way to the Oregon border. Showers and thunderstorms could hit anywhere in that vicinity. Anyone downhill from a burn scar should keep an eye on the sky.


As of this morning, the first GE Concert in the Park is still a go. We’ll keep track of it during the day and update its status, should that change.


Thursday’s firewall issue shouldn’t affect early voting, since none of those computers are connected to the Internet. I sent an email to the county this morning and it didn’t bounce back, so they may have corrected the problem.


I don’t know if it was weather-related, but we had a few issues at the paper yesterday and NV Energy’s customer portal was down.  I watched a huge lightning strike cross the sky over Minden on my way home last night and it set the traffic light to blinking for a moment.


Do people still run into issues because they didn’t plan for holidays? Banks and the government will be closed Monday for Memorial Day.


Expect showers all day today with a high of 59 degrees and between a quarter and half inch of rain. Chance of precipitation is 90 percent.


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