The May 24 R-C Morning Report |

The May 24 R-C Morning Report

Genoa, Nev. — According to the Census estimate released on Thursday, Douglas County was at 48,467 people, making it the sixth of Nevada’s 17 counties. Clark County added roughly that same number of people in a year, and is at 2.23 million people and growing.

County and planning commissioners agreed to get the master plan process back on track, with a December completion date. The first checkpoint is July 9 with updated maps.

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The R-C will be closed on Monday for Memorial Day, along with banks, schools, the post office, local, state and government offices. 

Just as there’s a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon, there is also a chance that the first Minden concert in the park will occur. I haven’t seen anything to the contrary, but that doesn’t mean much. If it happens, it happens at 6 p.m.

That chance of showers and thunderstorms is due after 5 p.m. today. It will get cloudier as the day progresses, with the high temperature hitting 68 degrees.

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